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Pathogend of Utah
Utah's Biological & Chemical Decontamination Services

At Pathogend of Utah we have a simple vision, “Defend and protect the health of our clients & their customers.” We bring our vision to life by providing affordable biological & chemical decontamination services and products to Utah and the Western United States. No pathogen can standup to our patented, hospital-grade, dry-mist technology. Our eco-friendly system offers many EPA approved kill claims & it is safe for use in clinic, hospitals, homes, daycare, playlands

Our Services

We create healthly and safe environments by offering a full range of decontamination services.
Disinfection Service

Regular Decontamination Services

Most cleaning services just push germs around & bleach and traditional disinfectants are yesterdays weapons. They struggle to combat today’s more virulent and resistant germs.  Pathogend of Utah can turn your office, home, clinic, playland into a germ free zone & keep it that way with our regular service options. Regular bio decontamination services can save you thousands of dollars in lost sick days, health care costs & protect your reputation.

outbreak emegency services

Outbreak & Emergency Services

Pathogend of Utah is prepared with the proper staff, equipment, and experience.  Our team of certified decontamination professionals offer, 24/7 Emergency Decontamination Services & measurable post decontamination validations . Our services will help you reassure the public, bolster your reputation, and help protect you legally.  When an emergency strikes your business, call the decontamination specialists, call Pathogend of Utah.

Decon Testing Service Utah

Decon Analyse & Validation

Before each decontaminating treatment we measure & analyze the biological loads & chemical contamination to better understand your specific needs.  Post-treatment testing & post decontamination analysis allow us to prove that the desired results were achieved. Plus, our tracking and reporting allows us to spot potential problems, make timely/facts based recommendations. Our goal is make sure little problem don't become big emergencies.

Pathogend of Utah Why Choose Us?

Each member of our team is committed to go the extra mile for our clients' health and safety. Our technicians are highly trained professionals that will ensure you are completely satisfied with our service.
EPA Certified Kill Claims

There are a lot disinfecting products that are EPA registered & some make kill claims, but our products are EPA registered & have EPA certified kill claims.  EPA validated to kill 99.9999% of (hard to kill) C.Difficile spores.

Advanced Decon Technology

We decontaminate all spaces, using cutting-edge portable CURIS Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Fog technology, along with other EPA-certified methods.

Affordable Decon Services

Pathogend of Utah offers biological and chemical cleanup services that will save you money by significantly reducing sick days and lost productivity. Plus, we have priced our services so that most business owners or home owners can afford it.

Reporting & Tracking

Our systems provide automatic reporting coupled with certified testing services from qualified staff members. We'll provide measurable results & reporting that can spot and track trends.

Environment Safe

Our methods are 100% safe for electronics and soft materials. Plus, our services leave no harmful residue behind. The hydrogen peroxide dry-fog breaks down into harmless oxygen and water vapor.

Customer Support

Help is just a phone call away (801) 438-7632.  We go the extra mile for our clients. From helping an Administrator understand a report to consulting on emergency issues. We are here to support you.

Stop the outbreak! PREVENT THE SPREAD of Pathogens


Our service guarantees the highest kill rate of pathogens possible (6-log), exceeding traditional cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection processes. Here are a few common pathogens that we have EPA Certified kill claims

What Our Clients Say About Us

Pathogend of Utah is super easy to work with. Reece was great to communicate with and we are very pleased with their service.

Mary Stil
Marry Jilston Biological Decon Client

Our house needed to disinfected after my wife brought home cdiff from the hospital. Pathogend of Utah disinfected our entire home in an after noon and the customer service they provide is the best.

James Randleton Pathogend of Utah Client